US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in Federal and California governments and based in San Francisco Bay Area.

The mission of UCGEC is to promote and strengthen U.S. and China collaboration in Green Energy by facilitating high impact clean-tech collaborative initiatives and projects between the U.S. and China and serving as a platform for the integration of policy, business, investment, and R&D projects for the two countries. The UCGEC includes six Task Forces such as Renewable Energy, Energy Internet, Intelligent Transportation, Green Building and Eco-City, Energy Digitalization and Clean Environment. Each task force is co-led by the top-tier experts and business executives in this field from both countries. The UCGEC also has the advisory board, which consists of Nobel Laurates, Academicians, Former Counselor of China State Council, University Chancellor etc.

UCGEC has successfully held many high-level conferences such as the International (US-China) Green Energy Summit and the China-US Mayors Forum. The speakers include Nobel Laureates, Academicians, government officials, senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, energy leaders, distinguished scholars, and young and middle-aged scientific and technological elites. It provides a high-level platform for international cooperation on green energy and carbon neutrality. UCGEC also organizes a series of special lectures and seminars, publishes scientific and technological books and research reports in the field of carbon neutrality, and promotes technology exchanges and international cooperation. Given these series of activities, UCGEC is devoted itself to facilitate information exchange, technical cooperation and project matching between US and China for tackling with climate change.