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The US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC, http://ucgec.org) is pleased to announce that the 2018 Seminar Series #1 “Smart/Green/Happy Cities Conference” will be held at 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm on November 9, 2018 in Palo Alto.

Several distinguished speakers, including top executives and leading professionals from utilities, DER management companies, smart grid technology & solution providers and City Governments will share their experiences and insights.

There will be networking opportunities and refreshments. RSVP today as seats are limited!

Date:   Friday, Nov 9th, 2018
Time:   2:00 pm to 2:30 pm – Registration
        2:30 pm to 6:00 pm – Seminar
        6:00 pm to 7:00 pm – Q&A, Reception and Networking 
Venue:  Global Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR)
        650 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304

$10 for registered attendee, but will charge $20 after November 8th and at the door.  Register today at this link


2:00 pm to 2:30 pm: Registration

2:30 pm - 2:50 pm: Welcome Remarks

Moderator: Dr. James T. Caldwell, Chair, Green Building, Eco-City Working Group

  • Professor Robert Wu: Chairman & CEO, UCGEC and Dr. Bob Larson, President, UCGEC

2:50 pm to 4:00 pm: Panel Session 1
Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools will replace some obsolete jobs and create many more jobs for users and developers to empower residents, visitors and smarter organizations to solve big problems and make our cities smarter, greener and happier.

Moderator: Dr. James T. Caldwell

  • Charles Mee, California Public Utilities Commission,
    -- “Report from CPUC”
  • Dr. Di Shi, Global Energy Interconnection GEIRINA,
    -- “From Grid Eye to Grid Mind: AI in Grid Monitoring and Control”
  • Wenli Yu, CEO, Archimedes Controls Corp.,
    -- "Innovation and Collaboration Opportunities in Smart, Green Happy Cities”
  • Dr. Steve Chen, CEO, The Third Brain Research Institute,
    -- “Smart Garden Villages, SCP/Green Sustainable Energy; Supercomputer in a Neighborhood”
  • Jeffrey Bunting, CEO, NVXL Technologies,
    -- “Real Time Scaling for Smart City Applications” 

4:00 pm to 4:15 pm Coffee Break

4:15 pm to 6:00 pm: Panel Session 2
Cities share evolving, interdependent actors and systems: people, families, schools, neighborhoods, animals, buildings, energy, communications, transportation, food, agriculture, parks, recreation, safety (including emergency preparation & response) etc. Each require mental, physical and social health systems -- plus social, political, medical and business organizations. How can we best collaborate to optimize results for all stakeholders?

Moderator: Dr. James T. Caldwell

  • Fai Chong, Senior Designer, Heller Manus Architects,
    -- “Data Driven Urban Planning”
  • Jeffrey Heller, FAIA, Heller Manus Architects,
    -- “Comprehensive Urban Planning”
  • Dr. Katherine Kao Cushing, Executive Director, CommUniverCity; Professor, Environmental Studies, San Jose State University (SJSU)
    and Jo Zientek, Director, Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency, Santa Clara County.
    -- “Stronger Together: CommUniverCity's Collaboration with City and Regional Government to Benefit Residents, Students, and the Environment.”
  • Joanne Tan, CEO, 10+ Visual Branding,
    -- “Effective Civic Engagement in Green, Happy Cities Development

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm: Combined panel, Interaction and Q/A

Speaker Bios

  • Robert Wu, Chairman and CEO of the US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC)

    Co-Chairman and founding president of the Berkeley Chinese Alumni International Association. Mr. Wu is a veteran of the Computer and Semiconductor Industry in both the U.S. and China. He received a BSEE with highest honors from University of California, Berkeley and his MSEE from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1954.

    He was a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, and had played a leading role in the early development of the Institute of Semiconductors, the Institute of Computing Technology, and the Institute of Microelectronics. He was the technical director in developing China's first transistor, the first transistorized mainframe and its first microcomputer with silicon IC. He is recognized as a founding member of China's computer and semiconductor industry.

    Mr. Wu returned to US in 1978 and joined HP Labs. He facilitated the establishment of HP China, the first joint venture between the US and China. Early in 1982, he supported immediate VLSI implementation on RISC architecture and became the project manager of HP's first RISC microprocessor. Mr. Wu co-founded Silicon Magic Corporation in 1994, where he served as the Director of Human Resources, Planning, and China Business Development until 1999.
  • James Caldwell, Board of directors of UCGEC, Chair, Green Building, Eco-City Working Group

    Dr. Caldwell is a director of US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC), Chairman of its Green Building Task Force and Chief Editor of its Conference Programs since 2007. He is President and CEO of E3 Regenesis Solutions where he now helps clients build green energy alliances to integrate green energy systems into smarter buildings and Eco-Cities. He is also Chairman of Global Technology at Global Smart City Conferences, an NGO that organizes smart city conferences globally. He completed Intensive Chinese at Yale University for 12 months, with honors and was a Chinese Translator for the US Air Force in the early 1960’s. In the late 1960’s he earned his BA and MA at the University of Texas, Austin, while teaching American Politics. In the 1970’s. He taught university courses on the Politics of Energy and the Environment, Chinese Politics, American Politics, Comparative Politics and World History at SUNY Binghamton and Iona College, NY. He did graduate work at Columbia University and Harvard and earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in 1980. He worked in Beijing for three years as a teacher at Beijing Tourism Institute, and lecturer at Peking University then as a tour guide. He worked in Hong Kong (1-year marketing Chinese software). He founded Pacific Rim Connections, Inc. in 1985 (multilingual prepress services), was First Editor of the Unicode Standard (ISO10646) (1990), and served on the Unicode Technical Committee while managing Pacific Rim Connections. He was a Director of the 1990 Institute in 1990-2016. He was VP for Multilingual Computing, DAE Interactive Marketing (Ion Global, US) in 2001-2. In 2004, he co-founded E3 Regenesis Solutions, Inc. and worked in Beijing in 2007-8 as a smart grid/Smart City integration consultant to Open Systems Control.

  • Jeffrey Bunting, CEO, NVXL Technologies

    A serial entrepreneur, Jeff has wide ranging experience and unique ability to excel in strategy, technology, sales & marketing, and operational excellence. His track record includes three successful startups and management consulting in all sized organizations: from a 1-person startup to Fortune 100. Most recently, he was the Founder and CEO of ActiveStrategy, Inc., a software and management consulting firm aimed at improving individual, team, and corporate performance. At ActiveStrategy, in addition to leading the company, Jeff provided management consulting to many leading organizations, including Accenture, Wyeth, Kaiser Permanente, Saudi Telecom, Intel, EMC, and NATO. After its sale to The Advisory Board Company, Jeff served as Executive Director of the business line and was a thought leader and public speaker in healthcare strategy and technology. Earlier, Jeff was Vice President at CorNet International where his leadership was recognized by the Governor as a “Pennsylvania Success Story” and instrumental to the acquisition of CorNet by Dendrite International. Before CorNet, Jeff was part of IMS Health’s Xplorer Group where he created the industry’s first Pharmaceutical Marketing web application. Jeff holds a B.S. and M.S in Computer Science from East Stroudsburg University where he specialized in Software Engineering, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Steve S. Chen, PhD, Founder and CEO, Third-Brain Research Institute / Member of U.S. National Academy of Engineering / Member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

    Dr. Chen has broad experience in R/D Collaboration and technology commercialization with many multi-functional companies and governments in U.S., Europe, Asia, and China. He has been recognized throughout the high performance and high productivity computing industry as a leader, visionary, entrepreneur, and premier system architect.

    In 1980’s, he pioneered the world’s first parallel-vector supercomputer architecture at Cray Research Inc. where the product family generated more than $2B revenue. In 2001, he successfully developed the world’s first blade-style supercomputer in United States. In 2003, he successfully developed the world’s first collaboration middleware in United States. He was referenced in Time Magazine’s cover story in March of 1988. Since 2005, Dr. Chen has devoted 10 years to effort in establishing the cloud platform and the service model for China’s national collaborative and patient-centric healthcare service with four (4) clinical trial sites in farming communities, rural and ethnic-minority regions. Dr. Chen’s current research interests include The Third Brain Theory, Smart Garden Villages (SGV), and Supergrid Cloud Platform (SCP), etc.
  • Fai Chong, Senior Designer, Heller Manus Architects,

    Fai has provided urban planning, urban design and architectural services to private and public clients based around the world. She is adept in working with multidisciplinary teams and complex projects with tight schedules. Beyond large-scale developments, she is committed to grassroots community building through public planning. Fai is also facile in a broad range of design and planning software to effectively translate design concepts and technical analysis graphically for clear communication of ideas and content.

  • Dr. Katherine Kao Cushing, Executive Director, CommUniverCity, Director, Global Studies, San Jose State University (SJSU)

    Katherine Cushing is the Interim Executive Director of CommUniverCity San José and an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Studies at San José State University. Katherine’s areas of expertise include sustainable water resources management, behavioral change, residential street livability and environmental policy implementation. She recently served as the faculty advisor for SJSU’s Environmental Resource Center, a student-run peer-to-peer environmental outreach organization that educates several thousand students, faculty, staff, and community members every year. From 2009 to 2011, Dr. Cushing was the University’s first Sustainability Director and helped establish the University’s Sustainability Board. Before joining San José State, Dr. Cushing was the Associate Director for the Program on Urban Studies at Stanford University.
  • Jeffrey Heller, FAIA, President Heller Manus Architects

    Jeffrey Heller, FAIA, is president of Heller Manus Architects, leaders in sustainable buildings and urban planning. Heller Manus is known for major mixed use development in the U.S and more than a dozen cities in China. He is Partner-in-charge of the first LEED Gold high-rise office buildings in both San Francisco and Shanghai, and the very first LEED Platinum ND master plan.

    Recent activity includes major urban mixed use/transit oriented projects in the U.S., including 181 Fremont - a LEED Platinum tower in the Transbay district in San Francisco, as well as two major international headquarters projects in China.

    He is Urban Advisor to several government entities in China.

    Jeffrey serves on the boards of the Asian Society, and the Bay Area Council, and holds Bachelor and Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Design from MIT.
  • Charles Mee, Senior Utility Manager, California Public Utilities Commission

    Charles Mee graduated from Tsinghua University with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He is registered as Professional Engineer in electrical engineering with the State of California, U.S.A. He has worked in electric power industry both in China and in the U.S. for more than 20 years. He gained knowledge and experiences in the area of electric power de-regulation, electric power market, smart grid and micro grid, renewable energy, distributed energy resources, demand side management, electric resource planning and project development, electricity rate design.

    From 2002 to 2010, working for California Department of Water Resources, Charles Mee worked on power transmission rate design, and managed electric power contracts. Most importantly, he participated in the California electric power market redesign and technology upgrade to mitigate the damage of the 2000-2001 energy crisis.

    From 2010 to present, working for California Public Utilities Commission, Charles Mee is in charge of reviewing power transmission and distribution plans and resource interconnection processes, transmission and distribution project constructionproposals, distributed resource development strategies, energy efficiency incentives, demand response mechanisms, energy storage procurement goals, electric vehicles and charging stations programs, resource portfolio procurement, electricity rate design, and power supply reliability and safety.

    In his spare time, Charles Mee actively volunteered for IEEE local chapter technical meetings in order to promote technology and engineering. He also encourages young professionals and students to study electric power technologies to be ready for the upcoming electric power revolution as part of the smart city movement. He also helped the electric power deregulation in China by writing articles and by giving presentations to media and magazines, Chinese governmental entities, universities, and electric power companies.
  • Shi Di, Global Energy Interconnection GEIRINA

    Di Shi received the PhD degree in Electric Power Engineering from Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, USA, the MS degree in Electrical Engineering (EE) from the same university and the BS degree in EE from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, China. Dr. Shi is a Principal Engineer and Department Head of the PMU & System Analytics Group at GEIRI North America, San Jose, CA, USA. Prior to that, he was a researcher at NEC Laboratories America, Cupertino, CA, and Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Palo Alto, CA. He also served as Senior/Principal Consultant for eMIT and RM Energy Marketing between 2012-2016. He has published over 100 journal and conference papers and holds 25 US patents/patent applications. He received the IEEE PES General Meeting Best Paper Award in 2017. The Energy Management and Control (EMC) technology he developed has been commercialized in 2014 into product that helps customers achieve significant energy savings. He won the Grand Prix Award of the Asia-Pacific Robot Contest (ABU Robocon) in 2007. He is an Editor of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid.

  • Joanne Tan, CEO 10+ Visual Branding

    Joanne Tan’s background - multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional skills and talents:
    ●    Came to the US 36 years ago, after 2 careers in China in her late teens as a English Teacher, and the youngest professional journalist for the first national English language newspaper in China, where she was an editor and a page designer.
    ●    Attended Brandeis University with a full scholarship, majoring in political science. Then was a legal translator for large law firms in NY and SF.
    ●    Earned a juris doctor law degree. Studied key courses in business school
    such as accounting, marketing, organizational behavior. Has an insurance license but never sold a single policy.
    ●    Won 2 Green Awards from the City of Lafayette, for community energy
    savings projects and grass roots green activities. Volunteered for 9 years at all levels of the boy scouts, trained scout masters and high adventure adult leaders.
    ●    Joanne is an award-winning professional photographic artist. Loves
    architectural designing, has taken classes as a hobby and aced them all. Designed her own house’s expansion. Also paints, and writes poems (in English.) An avid opera fan.
    ●    Founder and CEO of 10+ Visual Branding and 10+ Super Brand, a full service branding and brand-marketing agency. Joanne strategizes and brainstorms with a brand owner to establish vision, mission, business plans, goals, tactics, brand positioning and messaging, to build and grow a power brand, from mapping out a business brand’s DNA, to creating verbal and visual content, directing her website designing and graphic designing teams, video production crews, to writing organic brand blogs, and deliver weekly and monthly marketing, PR, and social media activities.

    A smart, green, and happy city demands multi-disciplinary & multi-dimensional design:
    ●    More than functionality, a human living environment called a city needs to be planned and designed as a multiverse instead of a universe.
    ●    A fundamental vision that technology is to serve humanity (rather than humanity be enslaved to technology) should govern the overall design and planning for a smart, green, and happy city, harmonizing multiple factors such as energy efficiency, humanity, nature, community, beauty, art, communication, transportation, etc.
    ●    Its design needs to take into account technology of the future, such as AI, robots, autonomous vehicles, highly efficient transportation, flying cars, digital connection, and innovative ways of working from everywhere rather than from offices buildings.
    ●    It takes both IQ and EQ to create an optimal environment based on human’s new relationship with technology.
  • Wenli Yu, CEO, Archimedes Controls Corp.

    Wenli Yu, currently serves as CEO of Archimedes Controls Corp., a Silicon Valley based technology startup focused in global data center security markets. Prior to co-founding Archimedes, Wenli served as General Manager and Legal Representative of JDSU, a global optical technology leader responsible for its WOFE operations in China and business expansion in Asia. During his tenure at JDSU, he built the company’s Broadband Network Development Center and led the company’s expansion in several major cities across China through organic growth as well as acquisitions. Wenli has over 25 years of experiences in marketing, business development, R&D and manufacturing partnerships in North America, Asia and Europe for carrier and enterprise marketplaces. Before joining JDSU, Wenli founded and co-founded multiple technology companies backed by Silicon Valley and Mid-Atlantic based venture capitals and acquired by publicly traded companies (Lucent, PMC-Sierra, Vina). Over the decades of his career, he worked as Product Line Manager, Hardware Manager and was instrumental in developing, managing and winning market leadership positions for several brand-name communications products in the global communications market.

    Wenli received his MS and BS degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland. He is a member of Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu. Wenli has been Limited Partner of several US-based venture capitals and advisor for startups and VCs. He also holds several U.S. patents in various technology fields.
  • Jo Zientek, Director, Santa Clara County’s Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency

    Jo Zientek is our speaker to replace Lori Severino:  Jo Zientek is Director for Santa Clara County’s Consumer and Environmental Protection Agency and serves on the Steering Committee for CommUnivCity.  As Agency Director, Jo leads the Departments of Environmental Health and Agriculture and Environmental Management.  Previously, she served as Deputy Director for the City of San Jose’s Environmental Services Department for eleven years.   In this role, Jo managed the largest privatized garbage and recycling collection system in the United States, spearheaded the implementation of a complete re-design of the commercial solid waste system and oversaw the development of the $30 million Environmental Innovation Center.   This Center provided the infrastructure to further San Jose’s Economic Development strategy and Green Vision Goals, and she was able to accomplish this project by utilizing the Federal Dept. of Treasury’s New Markets Tax Credit program.  Her programs have won the CA Governors Economic & Environmental Leadership Award twice.

    Jo is a graduate of U.C. Santa Cruz, and received a Bachelor's degree in Biology and has a Masters of Public Administration degree from San Jose State University.  Jo is also serving a four-year term on the Mid-peninsula Regional Open Space District’s Measure AA Bond Oversight Committee.




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